NSA Day of Cyber champions  National Cyber Security Awareness Month this October!

NSA Day of Cyber champions National Cyber Security Awareness Month this October!

National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) — held annually in October — is a collaborative effort between government, industry and organizations of all sizes to promote a safer, more secure and more trusted internet.

Since its inception under leadership from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), NCSAM has grown exponentially, reaching consumers, small and medium-sized businesses, corporations, educational institutions and young people nationwide. 2016 marks the 13th year of National Cyber Security Awareness Month – there is no better time than now to get involved!

Throughout the month of October, NCSA will provide a wide variety of easy-to-use, sharable resources to help you spread the word. Each week will showcase a different cybersecurity topic for you to do discuss with your community, friends, family and students.

Become a NCSAM Champion
Register yourself and/or your organization or school as a Champion to take action in support of NCSAM. It’s easy and free to sign up at staysafeonline.org/ncsam/champions.

Week 1: Oct. 3-7

STOP. THINK. CONNECT.™: The Basic Steps to Online Safety and Security
Online safety starts with STOP. THINK. CONNECT.™ – it’s simple, actionable advice everyone can follow. STOP: make sure security measures are in place. THINK: about the consequences of your actions online. CONNECT: and enjoy the internet.

Week 2: Oct. 10-14
From the Break Room to the Boardroom: Creating a Culture of Cybersecurity in the Workplace
Week 2 will focus on creating a culture of cybersecurity in the workplace through efforts like employee education, training and awareness and by emphasizing risk management, resistance and resilience.

Week 3: Oct. 17-21
Recognizing and Combating Cybercrime
Spotlighting awareness of the different types of cybercrime, Week 3 will offer steps people can take to better protect themselves and address how law enforcement and others can collaborate to combat this critical issue.

Week 4: Oct. 24-28
Our Continuously Connected Lives: What’s Your “Apptitude”?
The internet is evolving from a network to which individuals connect into a network that connects everything to the individual. As our digital world expands, creating these cutting-edge technologies in a safe and secure way is essential. Week 4 will examine our future in this interconnected world and provide strategies for security, safety and privacy.

October 31
Building Resilience in Critical Systems
The internet underlies nearly every aspect of our everyday lives and helps form our critical infrastructure, which keeps crucial systems like electricity, transportation and communications up and running. October 31 will emphasize the importance of critical infrastructure and highlight the roles the public can play in keeping it secure.

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