Catonsville High School Tops The Charts!

Catonsville High School Tops The Charts!


Business Education Teacher, Catonsville High School


“I was really excited about running the NSA Day of Cyber with my students because I realized what a good job it would do in helping them prepare for exciting careers when they ultimately graduate into the workforce.” Little did Christina Morris know that her students would soon take her class to the top of the NSA Day of Cyber leaderboard!

Christina has been teaching for 14 years and previously worked in IT at a metropolitan area hospital. “I want my students to know how rewarding technical careers can be,” says Christina, “as well as the potential that the cyber market now brings for a well-paying and secure career path.”

“My students were very involved while doing the Day of Cyber and they asked many questions. Many said that they hadn’t been aware that there were so many opportunities for future employment in the field. They were very happy to know more so that they could pursue the field as they prepare for college.”

Christina went on to say that Catonsville High School has an Information Technology program that further quenches the student thirst for learning about technology. With four computer science classes serving as a prerequisite for college level computer science programs, Christina’s students have a bright outlook for ultimately entering the cyber workforce downstream!