Sheila Thompson’s High School Students Earn their Day of Cyber Certificates of Completion

Sheila Thompson’s High School Students Earn their Day of Cyber Certificates of Completion

Sheila Thompson, a Business, and Digital Media teacher at John Motley Morehead High School, in Eden NC, brought the NSA Day of Cyber experience to her students to explore the types of jobs in technology that are available outside of the factory town of Eden and her students were proud to showcase their NSA Day of Cyber Certificates of Completion.
With 20 years of experience teaching, Mrs. Thompson said “It was a huge honor to be able to have her students participate in the Day of Cyber and they had a lot of fun learning about cracking codes and experiencing the cyber challenges.”

The students really liked the kind of recognition the Cyber Resume and Certificate of Completion gave them and she even offered prizes to those students who completed the challenges. The resume nicely summarized their personality traits and hard and soft skills. “This was an important point because here at Morehead we all weave soft skills training and awareness into all courses.” Sheila had them fill out a survey when the students were done, stating their favorite mentor and job roles.

“The best part about the DOC is that it shows the techniques used in cybersecurity protection of our country.” The hints were good, and they really did describe how to find the answers …. Which is like when the hackers are doing something bad, you have to dig into it to find out exactly what they are doing.”

Sheila Thompson with her students who completed the NSA Day of Cyber experience.

Sheila offered prizes (candy) for students best getting through the challenges. Brandan, a 12th grader, really liked the Crypto Analyst journey and mentor, and sees himself as possibly following that career once he gets into college.

Sheila is currently going through the Cyber Teacher Certificate Program, and is really enjoying the 6-hour Fundamentals of Cyber course. “It’s really opened my own eyes to different areas of technology having to do with computers.

Going forward, Sheila will be using the DOC principles as she introduces her students to other programs, such as “Student just love technology! They all have phones that are connected to the Internet and I can try to get them to think about the technology and how to use that knowledge in ways to help protect the country.”

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