Securing Our Technology-Driven Future Through CTE

Securing Our Technology-Driven Future Through CTE

CTE (Career and Technical Education) provides courses in network technology, computer programming and more, all integrated with rigorous academics that prepare students to graduate college- and career-ready. These programs offer opportunities to earn credentials, such as degrees and industry-recognized certifications that give students a leg up in the workforce.

The NSA’s Day of Cyber program provides a great partner to CTE by inspiring the next generation of students interested in cybersecurity through interactive awareness activities and cyber challenges that connect what students are learning in the classroom to a career in technology.

But perhaps most importantly, they get students engaged with amazing careers that are vital to our nation’s future through firsthand, project-based learning.

A student who learns to write their own code today could design the cybersecurity defenses of tomorrow, and CTE programs give them a chance to get their start.

More than 500,000 core information technology (IT) careers were available nationwide as recently as 2014, and IT employment is projected to increase by 18 percent by 2022. However, there’s a dramatic national shortage of professionals entering this field with the know-how necessary to safeguard our future through cybersecurity – and our security depends on closing this gap. Fortunately, today’s career and technical education (CTE) programs offer a launching pad to these very careers.

Today’s cybersecurity sector demands advanced technical knowledge, employability skills such as problem-solving and teamwork, and the creativity to innovate new solutions to the challenges of the 21st century.

Working together we can prepare more students to succeed in cybersecurity and build a stronger, safer future for our country.


LeAnn Wilson
Executive Director
Association for Career and Technical Education


How to Register:

There is no cost to participate! As a CTE director, teacher, administrator, or career counselor, you can easily offer this experience to students in your classes. Just pre-register and enter the number of students you expect to participate. When the platform is released, you will receive details on how to set up your Instructor Dashboard, which contains the registration key for your students to start the Day of Cyber. The NSA Day of Cyber will be available throughout all of 2016 and you can run the platform whenever convenient and/or desired.

More information about running the NSA Day of Cyber in your classroom, including technology requirements and other information, is located in the Instructor Resource Guide.

The NSA Day of Cyber is a tremendous opportunity for our students to understand the skills and education pathways needed to achieve exciting futures in the lucrative cybersecurity market. No teacher training is required. Students will only need a computer and Internet access.