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The Day of Cyber is an online cybersecurity mentorship experience sponsored by the National Security Agency, and powered by the LifeJourney technology. It enables students to test drive and experience a day in the life of six NSA cyber professionals and introduce them to challenging real-life cyber scenarios, while engaging students to explore the growing number of careers in cybersecurity.

These mentors introduce cybersecurity through an online experience where students test drive cyber careers and select which mentor they would like to guide them through their journey.

The LifeJourney mentors provide students with a pathway to build the hard and soft skills they will need for new and emerging in demand cyber careers.

The Day of Cyber online experience is available to any student or teacher with access to the Internet. The Day of Cyber experience is available to be run by schools and organizations anytime throughout the year. Schools, teachers, organizations, parents and students can register to take part in Day of Cyber at http://nsadayofcyber.com.