UTSA brings the Day of Cyber to Texas

UTSA brings the Day of Cyber to Texas

Joules Webb, Associate Director for the Prefreshman Engineering Program (PREP) at the University of Texas at San Antonio, is committed to informing and motivating students, especially young girls, to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Organizations such as Educate Texas, Texas Prep and Texas Girls Initiative have created a statewide framework of STEM training for P-16 teachers and challenging academic programs for the classrooms … and Joules Webb at UTSA is at the very heart of this movement ensuring that STEM education is at the forefront in the state.

Joules explains, “My vision of the future of STEM in the clasrooms is that of an integrative environment wherein students are no longer solving the individual questions of ‘why?’. Instead they are experiencing an ongoing immersion in STEM dimensions throughout all their courses.”

She believes that knowledge is not restricted or constrained by a bell sounding at the end of class, and students should no longer participate in classes in isolation. “I really love that the Day of Cyber experience is ‘integrative’. Its activities and learning situations extend throughout all classes, clubs, extracurricular activities and even at home. “

For example, a technical writing class would of course cover the mechanics of this subject, but cyber-aware instructors may easily use the platform to inject a blend of problem solving, reasoning, information security, and even soft skills development.

“It’s important to see the different ‘spaces’ in which the Day of Cyber can be used. It fits well into CTE and Math where students need problem solving and reasoning skills. Day of Cyber is equally valuable in informal education (Boys & Girls clubs, etc) where the instructors can get great resources for working with students after school hours.”

Joules adds that awareness of Day of Cyber as a classroom tool is especially beneficial for administrators, as more impact can be made within school districts as understanding goes higher up the chain.

About: Joules Webb has a passion and expertise for STEM Education gained by working in both education and industry roles for more than twenty years. She is concurrently a doctoral candidate in Integrative STEM Education at Virginia Tech, and has served on the Texas Education Agency Texas STEM (T-STEM) Academy Blueprint design committee and on the T-STEM coalition board.

Twitter: @STEMJoules